Degree dissertation & "Tinofix"

Degree dissertation
Hochschule für Musik und Theater
„Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ Leipzig

Degree dissertation „Schon ab 6?" („As early as six years of age?“)
Das Fagottino im frühinstrumentalen Unterricht
(Methodisch-didaktischer Vergleich von drei Unterrichtskoncepten)
(Teaching fagottino to young children)
(A comparative study of three teaching approaches for their methodological and didactic conceptualisation)

Author: Heide Bönig
Department: Wind instruments/percussion (department I)
Date of submission: 15th January 2001
First examiner: Andreas Schulze-Florey (Hannover)
Second examiner: Johanna Metz (Leipzig)
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Tinofix – small shoulder harness for children
This term is used for the new type of a small shoulder harness for children.
It can be ordered for € 12.50 from

Hello! I am your new „Tinofix“
My young friend Leonie has been so kind to show to you how to put it on

Make sure you do not stand the tiger on my back on its head. Picture 1 shows you how to grip the double hook with your left hand and to slip your right arm through the loop as you would when slipping your arm into the righthand sleeve of your coat or jacket.
Picture 2 shows you how to grip the double hook with your right hand now and to slip your left arm through the other loop just as you would slip your arm into the left sleeve of your coat or jacket
Picture 3 shows you how Leonie clicks the ring (without a hook) into the small eyelet of the double hook.
All that is still missing is your fagottino. You hook it into the large eyelet of the double hook.